About TPS Computers


TPS Computers has been providing specially configured computer services to the public and business
communities since 1982. TPS Computers is located in Belleville, IL and serves the
Metro-East and Metro-St. Louis areas.






Our expertise is in the customized design, installation and servicing of your computer. Our goal is to provide the best computer, wired or wireless network system to efficiently and effectively attain the level of your computing requirements. 

Whether it's one computer or many -- Notebook or Desktop -- WE provide what YOU need. Give us a call or stop by to discuss your next computer or network of computers.

Data Recovery

Losing your information due to viruses or hard drive crash is one of the most frustrating experiences that our customers deal with. We have years of experience recovering and preserving your data. Don't let some geek wipe your hard drive and all of your memories. TPS can help you keep your data - even when it seems that all hope is lost.

Virus Removal

Does this sound familiar?

"Oh you have a virus? We need to completely erase everything on your drive and reinstall the operating system"

That's a quick way for a 'repair professional' to take your money and your data and leave you with an empty hard drive.

We can remove your virus and clean your system without wiping out all of your photos and files.